Thursday, January 21, 2010

Daydreaming a Dream


Winter wakes and I sleep

to dream of stark outlines;

glitter sparkles, flowing

from the liquid veins

while lover’s shadow hovers

in your darkness.


In the cold, heat surrounds

narrow pieces of every being

Now living, Now believing.

Rise and fall of his brother’s

heavy chest. His lucid, dying breath

slows in the mist of the

off-beat waves disappearing on the

shore. bring no help.


Fall back, loosen your collar once more.

this is only, just, a dream—

of that I am sure.


now. he is still breathing.


“This matter, though, does not matter.”

On the back of his observation

lay a verity in name alone—


Life, too, is a dream:

dark or light,

day or night—

Passion licks the lips of Death.